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Arylia 3 is now unlimited!

Arylia 3.2 has been released, which has a very different licensing approach from our previous versions:

  • Licenses are now unlimited - use them on as many domains as you want! This applies retroactively to all existing license holders.
  • The script is not encoded - no Zend Optimizer required!
  • It now costs only $49, down from $299!
  • However, technical support is not included with your purchase. You can use our forums to acquire support from fellow users, or you can contact us to purchase support.

Visit the purchase page to download it.

What is Arylia Gallery Builder?

Arylia Gallery Builder is a full-featured picture and video gallery creation tool.

Many webmasters build their galleries by hand. They visit a sponsor's website, download a bunch of images, pick 12 of them, create thumbnails of all 12 by hand, place each thumbnail in their gallery template, link them to full-size pages containing each image, add banners, check linkcodes... etcetera. This process can take an hour per gallery, or longer!

Arylia does all of this for you in about 30 seconds, so you can get back to more important things. How much is your time worth to you?

Feature Summary

  • Acquire media using any of the following methods:
    • Any online gallery, particularly a gallery hosted by the content sponsor.
    • Zip Files : either locally from your computer, or remotely from your sponsor's website.
    • Image sets that you've already uploaded to your server
    • Fusker-style URLs
  • Store Your Sponsor Settings for Repeated Use
    • Setup each site one time - including banner and link code settings - then simply select the site when building a gallery and all of the settings will be applied automatically
  • Take Advantage of Modern Open-source Software
    • Arylia 3 supports ImageMagick and ffmpeg. If you have them installed, Arylia can use them to give you more options when creating galleries.
  • Easy Integration Into Your Site Layout
    • Use short identifiers in your template for placing gallery elements such as title, description, and for defining where the thumbnails will be placed.
  • Completely Control Size and Position of Thumbs
    • You are not limited to stale square layouts with one size columns and thumbs. With Arylia you can place the thumbnails at any size anywhere on your gallery. The possibilities are literally endless
  • Quick and Easy Thumbnail Cropper
    • Before building a gallery you can set image cropping preferences, but that doesn't always mean they will come out perfect. To combat the odd thumbnail, or to simply improve upon the already great thumbs created, use Arylia's quick and easy thumbnail cropper tool. You simply drag a box around the hottest portion of the thumbnail and click "Grab it". Arylia will remake the thumbnail to your new specifications automatically and place it back into the gallery.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Arylia names your folders and images using your gallery title. It also sets attributes on the images themselves.
  • Low Server Loads and No Query Usage
    • The code that Arylia generates is completely static, which means extremely fast page loads and no SQL queries.

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